What is it?

Synthimax is an image synthesis program anyone can use. You don't need to be a professional to make gorgeous pictures and movies. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for digital artists and VJs to produce stunning animations. Create unique images in seconds through the power of Synthimax.

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Latest News

Version 2.0 nears beta

June 1st, 2010 - Did you think we were resting on our laurels? In fact, we've been hard at work developing version 2.0 of Synthimax! There have been many changes and we're excited by what we'll be offering in 2.0. Stay tuned for more news!

Version 1.3.1 Release

March 22nd, 2009 - Version 1.3.1 has been released. This is a bug fix release that corrects two problems found under Leopard and one bug with keyframe files.

Version 1.3 Release

January 16th, 2008 - Version 1.3 has been released! This free upgrade brings new generators, improved undo handling, a nicer interface, more control over randomization, more powerful filtering, and one big new feature: geometries. You can now play with the very fabric of 2D space itself!

Sample Images

Here are a few examples of what Synthimax can produce. (Note that picture quality has been reduced by JPEG compression.)










Extra files

Extra files are available for download.

  Download Extras.zip

This .zip file contains 44 new configurations and 18 new color gradients.

21 Image Generators

Synthimax has 21 different image generators, each with many different parameters, providing a wild variety of pictures. Image size can go up to 2,048 x 2,048.




Orbit Methods

Fractals are analyzed by one of the 12 orbit methods, producing radically different images from the same source.





Harmonic Center



Min Distance


Cross Trap

User-Customizable Gradients

Change an image's color scheme by using one of the built-in color gradients, or create your own and save it in a gradient file.


Mathematical Filters

Use a filter to dramatically alter an image. You can even apply a second filter to the results of the first one!

No filter




Square Root Remainder


No filter






No filter


Circular Offset

No filter


Edger + Blur-Heavy

Blur-Heavy + Edger

Laplacian + Kaleidoscope-8

Average + Sines



Synthimax can also make movies. Specify a series of images as keyframes, and Synthimax will morph between them, producing a Quicktime movie. See fractals bloom, curl and dissolve; watch textures pulse and shimmer. Are you a VJ seeking new material? Look no further: Synthimax will oblige. Here are some examples of what Synthimax can do.

This movie was produced by changing some of the parameters of the Complex Feedback image generator, using the "Fire" color gradient.

This movie was produced using the Halley Maps image generator, with only 3 keyframes. The movie simply changes the color gradient.

This movie uses 8 keyframes and changes both the color gradient and various parameters of the Polynomial Quotient image generator. It has been saved at a lower quality setting to be more compact.

System Requirements

Synthimax requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Panther) or later.


You can download and try Synthimax in demo mode before purchasing a registration code. In demo mode, you cannot render movies and all images are degraded. You may purchase a registration code through the Kagi service.

The current version of Synthimax is 1.3.1.

    Download Synthimax       (4 MB)


Synthimax costs US$30 for a single user license.

Synthimax is distributed exclusively over the internet. To purchase Synthimax, download it from the link above and purchase a registration code via the link below. When your payment is received you will immediately be sent a registration code via e-mail. Save this registration code in case you need to re-register Synthimax in the future.

For a safe and secure transaction, we use the Kagi online service. Kagi will collect your information, verify your payment, and send you your registration code. If you have any trouble please contact us or Kagi.

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Version History

Version 1.3.1

Bug fix: Keyframe files (.msnaps) are now read back correctly.

Bug fix: Live dragging now works under Leopard (10.5).

Bug fix: Under Leopard, files created by Synthimax may now be selected in the Open dialog. Please read Version History.rtf for details about this bug fix.


Version 1.3.0

New features:

Tabbed main window.

Expanded toolbar.

4 new generators: Gumowski Tracing (fractal), Sine Tangent (phase plane), Grid and Curves (line art).

Individual generator controls can be locked against randomization.

Second filter module in sequence with the first.

3 new filters: Valley, Smooth, and Cutoff.

Many new built-in gradients, now arranged in groups.

6 geometries deform space.

Improved undo support.

Recently used images are kept in memory to enable very fast navigation.

When returning to a generator, the last-used configuration for that generator is used instead of the default one.

Bug fixes: The Square Root Tracing fractal did not save the correct values for iteration number and orbit methods in configuration files.


Version 1.2.1

Bug fixes: When starting an unregistered copy of the application, windows would fail to appear until some action was performed. Using a huge radius with the Polynomial Quotient generator would slow computation down to a crawl.

Performance improvements: Setting very high values for gradient repeat factor will no longer slow down computation.

Miscellaneous: Added some new built-in configurations.


Version 1.2

5 new generators: Square Root Tracing (fractal), Perlin Noise (texture), Gumowski (dynamical system), Sines and Sine product (phase plane).

5 new orbit methods: Real, Imaginary, Potential, Minimum Distance, and Cross Trap.

2 new filters: Enhance and Sines.

Bug fixes: No longer displays an error message when quitting on Panther. Fixed a rare bug where Intel machines sometimes got "stuck" in a computation, forcing the user to cancel. Corrected display glitches when resizing the image window.


Version 1.1.2

Improved handling of double-clicked files. Norm values between 0 and 1 are now permitted. Minor bug fixes.


Version 1.1.1

Corrected a flaw that prevented registration with certain codes.


Version 1.1

Now supports running as a demo version when not yet registered. Updated manual with info about installing & registering.


Version 1.0

Initial release.